Plant of the Week - Brazilian Red Cloak (Megaskapasma erythroclamys)!

This week's Plant of the Week is Brazilian Red Cloak, or Megaskapasma erythroclamys (try saying that three times after a few drinks!). Being a summer flowerer, these are putting on a big show right now and look spectacular! Mine is flowering for the first time; I had planted it almost exactly one year ago as a 200mm pot, and now it is easily one metre tall!

These guys are really easy to grow, and will probably get to about 2 or 3 metres tall over time. They're suited to either full sun or shade; mine is in partial shade and full shade in winter and does fine. Having said that, I think if it were exposed to blazing western sun, the leaves might burn.

Brazilian Red Cloak makes a fantastic addition to any tropical themed garden, and is a great option for a semi-to-full shade screening plant. I've never seen mine wilt from lack of water, but it will benefit from a slow-release fertiliser spirinkled around the base twice a year.