Plant of the Week - Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia ssp.)!

This week's Plant of the Week is Angel's Trumpet, or Brugmansia ssp. This beautiful small subtropical tree will grow to around 3mH and comes in a variety of flower colours including white, orange, pink, and yellow. In the mornings and evenings the flowers give off a beautiful perfume similar to frangipani, and the bees go crazy for them!

Brugmansia are extremely easy to grow, and fast; ours is only about 2 years old and is at least 2.5mH x 3mW! They will flower after a good downpour, but will flower consistently for about 8 or 9 months of the year anyway.

Many people believe that you shouldn't grow Brugmansia because they are poisonous if ingested. They have a bit of a bad reputation because of this, but if you think about it, many, many plants are poisonous to humans but we grow them anyway because we love them! The only people I would not recommend these to would be people with young children.

If you are thinking of a feature plant in your backyard, try Brugmansia; you won't be disappointed!